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My favorite pictures

Cassidy's first birthday party.

Our visit to the Hill AFB museum.

Cassidy at one year old

More Favorites Pictures


Various pictures from June.

Family Reunion Pictures

Our trip to Colorado Springs

Thanksgiving Family Pictures 2003

The Louisville Criterium Race 2004

The Promontory Criterium Race 2005

family pictures 9/11/2005

A Day at the Park 9/17/2005

Our Latest Pictures 10/7/2005

Windsor Ward Turkey Bowl, 11/24/2005
football at it's finest.

Da Punkin' Patch 10/15/2005

Lacey's Dance recital, 12/09/2005

New Years Eve Party, 12/30/2005

Tom and Michelle's wedding, 12/28/2005

Boulder/Laramie Road Race, 4/15/06
photos by Jordan

Pictures 6/3/06

Our Visit to Loveland Mountain Park 10/07/06

Dyllan born 10/24/06

Dyllan at 3 weeks

More Dyllan
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2007 Ice Bowl
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Lost Trail Hot Springs
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Jake and Becca
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Winter Pics
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Andrew's Wedding
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Colorado Springs Vacation
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Windsor Tornado